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DINTEC delivers on company level as well as on departmentmental levels advice on document and information management.

Document management for technical information (like engineering drawings) is a complex subject, because it covers many (multi disciplinairy) areas.
Efficient engineering document management can be defined as an optimal integration of data, standards and systems amongst all parties involved. It is not only difficult to get this right, but also to keep it right. This is due to complex organization structures, where more work is outsourced / sub-contracted, increasing demands and requirements on archiving level (like legal, integrity and safety requirements), as well as the more complex maintainability of digital files. This explains why the areas of attention are diverse.
A couple of examples are given below to illustrate this diversity.

   Digitalization of analogue archives (technical, logistical, financial advice).
   Specifics of the wide range of scanning possibilities (quality versus costs).
   Document specific topics (what to keep As Built, maintaining terms, legal requirements).
   Advice on maintaining the durability of your digital archives (filetype and version control)
   Efficiency aspects (hidden costs, the use of, process updates, storage methodology).
   Advice on company vision with respect to document management
   Financial advice related to improvement justifications
   Second opinion (an independent advice).
   Execution of a feasibility study.
   Independent advice related to systems and software.
   Design of information systems tailor made for the needs of the organization.
   The development or control of technical company standards.
   Advice in the area of procedures and work instructions for all disciplines.
   Optimization of operating procedures and their restructuring.
   . . .

The large and mostly practical experiences of DINTEC in the area of efficient and controlled document and information management, provides us with the ability to advice you on the mentioned subjects and with that, help you to optimize your document management.

Is this interesting for you? Contact DINTEC and you will find out for yourself.

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