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DINTEC can help you to design, justify and realize your project plans.
Project plans serve as a basis for improvement routes. The design and set up of project plans in the area of management and usage of document and information is a complex subject for organizations.
The complexity of these project plans can be found in the following areas:

   Choice of software and implementation: An enormous diversity of software exists, among which a big difference in functionality is found. You will be confronted to make a choice between a supplier, functionality, used techniques within the software and all kinds of financial aspects. Besides these choices, you have to deal with the customization of the software when it is installed, due to specific wishes and needs within your organization. A wrong choice of software, or even implementation of the software, can have costly consequences in for an organization. DINTEC has a broad experience in making well defined and supplier independent project plans, which serve as a basis for software selection as well as software implementation.
   The organizational aspects: these are just as important, if not more important and not only because your users have to work with the new solution in the end. An important part of the justification for the improvement process will come forward from organizational aspects. One of the first steps is to analyze who will work with the information and what will they be doing with it, these results will have to be mapped. These people come from a variety of disciplines or have different kinds of backgrounds and will have to cooperate with each other in a different way. Next to this, the users can also be classified in different ways; with each their own methods and specific wishes. Starting of with an implementation in a wrong direction leads to long-lasting projects or an implementation with a suboptimal result. Both situations will account for loss of time and/or money. A project plan developed by DINTEC is the basis for the justification of the project describes the organizational aspects concrete.
   The aspect durability: digital and durable are two terms that regretfully do not always go so well together, the types of files as well as the equipment as well as the software are subject to constant change (and not all new solutions are compatible with older ones). During a process of change is the choice for a durable solution an important aspect, because you will want your digital information to be available and readable in the near future. DINTEC can not only help you to make your choices based on the most widely used industry standards, but can also help you to manage the durability of your files.
   Other external factors, like the increasing number of increasingly severe legislation and guidelines in the area of document management (local, national and European), are decisive factors which an organization will have to take into account. This is an obvious topic in a project plan by DINTEC.

Concluding: DINTEC has broad experience with the design and justification of project plans and the presentation of these plans to the management.

DINTEC can also offer separate services for the set up and execution of the project management activities of a project.

If you want concrete information about this service, please contact DINTEC.

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