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DINTEC document and information management


Short introduction:

The efficiency and reliability of your assets (installations) is related to the efficiency and quality of your (technical) information.

The company DINTEC provides consultancy and services to design, set-up and maintain an efficient and controlled document and information management environment. 

DINTEC advices and guides you where necessary and gives a solid and found advice.
See for a complete overview our services.

Behavioral code:

DINTEC is an independent enterprise. We do not deliver any products, only services.
DINTEC stands surety for a correct and discrete procedure. Integrity stands hereby in the first place. Our behavioral code can be summarized as follows: accurate, reliable, verifiable, impartial and independent.

Letís introduce:

The company DINTEC is managed expertly by Guus G. van Jarwaarde. After a long career in document management and information technology he decided to bring his experience into DINTEC in 2004. Guus is used to work in complex organizations and environments, both within as outside the Netherlands.

Call or email for an appointment without any obligations (see the contact page).

Guus van Jarwaarde
DINTEC customers can be found anywhere