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Developments in the society, technology and law force organizations (profit as well as non-profit) to continuously critically analyze their own business processes. Organizations are confronted daily with risks, possibly blocking the achievement of goals. The term ‘risks’ can and must be understood as a very broad one. Even inefficiencies within the organization and the missing of chances on the market can be identified as risks.

Especially in the area within the usage and management of documents and information is it vital to find the right balance between goals, risks and control. This equilibrium is continuously changing, due to exposure to external influences throughout time, such as legislation that is becoming harsher, the digitalization and the increasing outsourcing or off shoring of operational activities.
These external influences give the different types of risks and their corresponding control measures another dimension. Made-to-measure systems are becoming increasingly more existing factors.

A DINTEC audit will not only help management with implementation and change problems in the area of management and usage of documents and information, but will also map the risks, identify their impact and therefore will help to better control these risks.

If you want to know what a DINTEC audit could mean for your company, please contact us.

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