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Training / Education


DINTEC looks after corporate education in the area of document and information management. These training sessions have a length of 1 to 5 days and can be arranged external as well as In Company. The contents during an In Company training will be tailor made on your organization and on the problems that you and your people are coping with. Within the In Company version of the training more attention will be paid to implementation and embeddedment within your organization. Place, time and the length of the program can also be adjusted into the rhythm of the activities of your organization. In this way you will work more focused on the organizational development you will face. An overview of topics that can be discussed during a training are discussed below:

   The different kinds of storage in analogue and digital areas.
   The dis- and advantages of commonly used file formats (including hybrid and cross-reference files).
   Scanning (techniques, operational steps, quality versus costs).
   Discipline division and types of technical documentation and their relation.
   Version and revision management (also at concurrent engineering).
   The classification of information (to legal, integrity and user standards).
   Searching of information (the usage of metadata and XML-techniques).
   Viewing of technical (engineering) information (possibilities, techniques and problems).
   Securing the information (usage, storage, digital durability).
   Legal prescriptions (Dutch and European legislation).
   Administrative tasks of document and information administrators.
   Usage of automation tools within document management (bulk manual, metadata extraction).
   Diversity of systems ((DIS, DMS, RMS, WMS, CRM, GIS, PLM, ERP, PDM, etc.).

We can also give presentations on these subjects, besides these trainings possibilities.

If you would like some more information on the presentation and / or trainings possibilities, please contact DINTEC.

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