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This questionaire can help you to determine whether the document management of your organization is well organized. This questionnaire can help you to determine whether the document management within your organization is in order. It is useful to contact DINTEC if you have to answer one or more questions with “no” or “I do not know”.

Questions for the management

Ten managerial questions in the area of document and information management:

[1]   Are you convinced that your document management system is efficiently (quality versus costs)
        designed and set up?
[2]   Is, within your organization, the ownership and the corresponding responsibilities of the
        documents and / or information well organized?
[3]   Are the revision management and the updating process of your document defined in such a way that
        you can always be certain that your most important documents are always up-to-date (as built)?
[4]   Do you know what your most important documents are?
[5]   Is there an adequate description of your organizational vision on document management?
[6]   Does your company live up to the legal guidelines?
[7]   Are audits regularly executed?
[8]   Are you in line with the general industry standards?
[9]   Can document management be found ‘inside the heads’ of your company’s management
        and co-workers?
[10] Do you know what to expect of co-workers specialized in document management?

If you think that the management and the usage of document and information within your organization is an important aspect, and if you have questions in this area, please contact DINTEC.

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